iFlow Control Will:

Generating bright ideas for the Water Industry

  • create a NEW revenue stream from water not currently measured

  • solve non-revenue water issues of potable water

  • revolutionise flow-metering functionality of low flow water

  • continually strive to improve water flows with the addition of new technologies

A unique and patented Low Flow Controller (LFC)

The LFC installed to any volumetric water meter provides the meter with the ability to measure low water flows from the first drop.

Once installed, Water Utilities will be able to bill and generate higher incomes from hitherto unregistered water. The LFC is a small (60mm) gadget that is plumbed in on the water main side of the water meter.

It utilises a clever magnetic valve to generate back pressure in the water flow which when released now allows the meter to record every single drop of water.

The Problem - Non-Revenue Water

  • Schlumberger data shows that household water meters do not measure low water flows between a range of 0 - 15L P/H - called the R factor. Each water meter has an R factor determining the actual measurement the meter starts measuring water from.

  • Such low water flows can be the result of leaks due to broken taps; poor ageing pipes; taps left very slightly open; poor quality of underground assets or; pressure changes that cause pipes to burst.

  • Whatever the reason it means a financial loss to the water supplier because not all of the delivered water is being metered.

  • In addition, water meters degrade after about 5 years or less making them less accurate attributed to a number of factors such as:

      • sudden and intermittent changes in the pipe pressures;

      • they age and can fur up with limescale;

      • are often not maintained or changed in accordance with the manufacturer's specification.

The above factors can mean older meters not start registering water flow until up to past 50L P/H leading to an overall water loss of between 5%-25% of the total water supply to residential users.

Until now, these small low water flows have gone unnoticed and unmeasured because of the unavailability of a device or system in the marker to measure them.

As a result, many utilities are under-charging customers by as much as 25% of their total water bill, according to independent research. The iFlow Controller addresses this loss.

Proven and Patented Solution

The iFlow Low Flow Controller (LFC) can be installed to any volumetric water meter. It immediately allows the water meter to measure low water flows from the very first drop.

Utilities can now bill and generate higher incomes from this new registered water and regain their hitherto lost income.

The Market

Currently there are approximately 1 billion water meters globally of which at least 65% are volumetric. With up to only 10 years of manufacturers recommended life expectancy, there is a constant need to replace at least 10% of installed water meters annually. Annual market growth of water meters is ca. 150m units, with an estimated value of $3bn. Water utilities are adopting smart meter technologies driven by the rising prices of energy and the need to increase efficiency in water grids, The market for meter manufacturers, installers, network and data management companies is expected to be worth €11.9 billion by 2022 in Europe alone.

In the UK, of the circa 28M households, approximately only an estimated 55% have water meters fitted. Ignoring the renewal of existing ageing meters, the annual number of new meters to be fitted is circa 2M.