Our innovative Low Flow Controllers allow accurate metering and therefore the ability to charge for ALL delivered water

The unique and patented Low Flow Controller (LFC)

The LFC installed to any volumetric water meter provides the meter with the ability to measure low water flows from the first drop. Once installed, Water Utilities will be able to immediately bill and generate higher incomes from hitherto unregistered water.

The LFC is a small (60mm) gadget that is plumbed in on the domestic (down stream) side of the water meter. It utilises a clever magnetic valve to generate back pressure in the water flow which when released allows the meter to record every drop of water.

This same valve also acts as a best of breed non-return valve, saving additional cost and any need to install a separate valve, and thus creating energy savings for the water company by stabilising the pressure.

The LFC has been fully tested and approved by WRAS and has successfully passed all international standard requirements.

WRAS Approval Number 1605058 - approved product


The Smart Low Flow Controller (SLFC).

The Smart LFC, an IOT product, is a controller with sensors and an integrated Automatic Alert Messaging (AAM) system, which will send online remote warnings when low water flow leaks occur. The signal, in the form of an SMS or other electronic message formats, can be directed in real time to all relevant parties including water utility support centers, the client (owner of the water meter) and the relevant insurer if appropriate. The Smart-LFC will also integrate with Smart-Cities information support centres.

The aim will be for the Smart LFC technology to be available as a retrofit to existing LFC installations from 2022.