The Opportunity for Water Utilities

Adoption of the LFC technology unlocks a range of opportunities for water companies which, until now, have not been possible:-

  • A significant new revenue stream

  • No capex, off-balance sheet acquisition deployment options if required

  • Minimal installation costs when co-installed with new meter

  • Fully funded installation options for retro-fit to legacy meters

  • Optimisation of water metering - increases water meter efficiency

  • Low-cost solution for water meter purchasing – No need to purchase more expensive meters to improve metering accuracy

  • Extension of the Water Meter’s life – replacement due to inaccuracy of ageing meters can be postponed, as LFC corrects the meter improving its life expectancy

  • Lifespan of up to 15 years

  • Flexibility – the controllers are designed to fit any pipe

  • LFC acts as a non-return valve – minimal pressure drop

  • Energy saving – due to optimisation of pressure drop